Do you commit yourself to the program?

When athletes start working here, some start slow and steady and ease into training, some want to keep doing things the way they have been as they are stuck in their ways.. and some come truly with their walls down, ready to do what is necessary to go beyond themselves. When I can tell the athlete fully states they will be in the gym five days a week no questions asked, I believe they have committed to the program, and we can start the breakdown period.


No matter where an athlete comes from or what style of training has been utilized, this phase of devoting themselves solely to my style of programming is a decision that will change the way they view training forever. The intensity (weight) is always high and the volume (reps/sets) are always extreme. I note this as the "first sunburn of the season" because the uncomfortableness of soreness coupled with an atmosphere of no excuses and training through it all leads to the inevitable "tan". The athlete has been burned so badly so quick, that once they recover, there is no way in hell additional pain and soreness will come close to that in the coming months of training. 

This first cycle is not even strength training, it is mental training. Viewing heavy weight as a partner in crime and not an adversary, working with it and not being fearful of it. Athletes walk up to the bar differently than the used to. They view the volume intensive daily programming in a sarcastic/comedic light; "6x3 at 90% and 3x12 at 60%, oh boy! that should be fun". This view of aggressive programming being regular life is what allows us to truly get down to work, and growing stronger. This is our key to success, forgetting what we have been told about programming sets/reps/volume/frequency/intensity and just conditioning the body and the mind to a higher level/demand of strength and power. This is the beginning, of Building Human Machines.