In an attempt to grow the business in different ways I have had to assess the industry and see where certain things I would like to do fit in. The online training phenomenon has reached such ridiculous proportions it doesn't even make sense anymore to a person who actually wants to help people. I was deciding on a $9.99 monthly programming subscription as a way to provide the masses with quality training proven by many success stories. In talking with another professional/friend, he stated at how much I had undervalued myself and that people would rather be dumb and pay over the top prices for something an experienced strength coach could write in 10 minutes, just so they can tell people who they're training with or how much their program costs. Just because the trainer has followers or great body doesn't mean they are worth more money. There is no new magic formula waiting to be unlocked in a training program, it has very much been realized by the best that simple is better, and hard work trumps all. There are only a finite amount of different rep schemes, sets and percentages that can be done without exceeding your Maximum Recoverable Volume (C Smith/DR M Israetel), so why are people feeling the need to jump on an expensive program that takes maximum 1 hr to write, when they could just put their head down and go to work every day on the old proven methods that the greats now in fitness use anyways.

Now, the hard part comes where it is to be decided whether or not to stoop low and raise the price for something that flies around in my brain all day anyways or to retain my stance that the hard and fast will die young and by trying to help the masses in the long run with a sustainable price is the better decision. Part of me is an idiot for thinking that I would let everyone else eat all the cake and struggle and grind to get my share, yet the thought of going against what I believe in for the quick easy buck just doesn't sit right. YES, it is dumb as shit to not follow the money train, but when your gut tells you the money train leads to the exact same place overtime that these people would reach anyways with a affordable/sustainable product, the answer is right there. So is it all about value, as in how much people are willing to pay for something, or about value, how much is received for something they paid for. In a world with instafame and nonsense 200k followings running the industry, I would have to be an idiot to think overcharging for something I can give to the world so easily, is the way to run a company.